Welcome to the Amazing Wyked Writers.


Of course you're going to ask who that is exactly, well... that depends on the event and venue. The mission of AWW is to provide an opportunity for authors and readers to come together at various events. Instead of just one author, we're going to try to bring several authors in multiple genre to you, whether at a local bookstore or your local Comicon.

We will provide a list of Venues and the scheduled Authors for those events. We will also provide links to those authors' websites.

If you are a venue (bookstore or Con), feel free to contact us and we'll talk about getting some AWWsome AWWthors to you. Simply go to the "Contact Us" page and tell us what's going on.

Upcoming AWW Events

A full list of events is posted on the side of this page. There's always changes, so check often.

If you thought last year was something, be sure to attend Phoenix Comicon 2017 and come to the Land Of AWW. That's right, our goal is to bring you even more WONDERFUL AWWsome AWWthors. The 2017 lineup will be 14 authors and our Bookseller.

Sadly, early this year we lost one of our authors. Alan Black passed away, breaking the hearts of family, friends and fans. But his wife, Duann Black is dedicated to continue his legacy, keeping his books out there and introducing the ones he had yet to release, so you haven't seen the last of him.

So, this years line up...(yes, a spoiler if you're following us on Facebook) is, Alan Black (Duann), Sandy Wright, Ann Narcisian Videan, Jenn Windrow, Erin Kellison, Colette Black, Hal CF Astell, KC Klein, The Klute, Deena Remiel, Alica McKenna Johnson, Lynn Crain, and Sara Fujimura, DR Books...OH, and of course, ME.

Our actual location is still tentative, but I'll post that here and on Facebook and Twitter as soon as available.

We all look forward to seeing you.