This is also my Hottie page


Got me some snuggling

with Capt. Jack!

Love getting me some Captain Jack (John Barrowman
at the Phoenix Comicon 2013.  


Got me some Highlander too!


  Adrian Paul at DarkCon 2014.  Loved feeling up his chest!


Ben Bova wasn't 'gettable'...


 but he was at the Tucson Festival of Books 2014 and agreed to take part in an article I was putting together for my "Ask 5 Friends" column on Check it out, You and the Horse You Rode in On!

 So, in short... Ben Bova is my friend. Love saying that.

Stay tuned for more Hotties! 

I still have Phx Comicon, CombatCon, San Diego Comicon and HawaiiCon to hit this year.

Expect anything...