Blood of Gods 

When aliens pose as gods,

the lush green lands of Ireland

will run red with the blood of mortals.

With immortality comes the curse of infertility among their own, so Elders and Immortals turn to the mortals of Earth to continue their bloodlines. But playing god is never enough. They pit kings and queens against each other in the false name of honor and selfish pride, for their own amusement — or power. 

For the Half-Blood Cú Chulainn, son of the god Lugh, and hero to the people of Ulster, his tainted blood gives him abilities beyond those of mortal men. Pushed to full rage, Cú Chulainn becomes a bloodthirsty berserker, annihilating any force that dares stand before him.  

But he seeks to set aside his spear for his one true love, his wife Emer. He yearns for the stain of dirt on his hands, instead of blood. But can he have either after he rejects Morrigan, a vengeful Immortal? 

Even his birth-right as a Half-Blood might not be enough to survive her conniving wrath in the Cattle Raid of Cooley.




When powerful aliens play God,

humanity has to fight back in creative ways to survive.

The people of ancient Greece have been fooled – the beings they believe are Gods are merely powerful aliens on a quest to find ways to continue their bloodlines after becoming infertile among themselves. The “Gods” are capricious, cruel, and cunning, and have subjected humanity to ten years of turmoil with the Trojan War, all for their own amusements.

Hypnos and Pasithea are half-bloods caught in the struggle between their powerful alien mothers and the others who have claimed Greece as their own. Their love is forbidden, and drastic measures are used to keep them apart.

Now, in order to save and claim the woman he loves, Hypnos will have to become not only a man, but someone who can fool the Gods themselves, by changing the story so that the good can triumph. But has he learned enough tricks from the Gods to best them, or will Pasithea pay the ultimate price for his failure?



Star People Legacy

Capt. Beth Castle swore to protect her country and its citizens. That vow is the least of her worries as tribal myths turn into an alien encounter and she is caught in an epic battle between good and evil. A battle that can cost her everything she holds dear, including the man she loves.  Release: 3/16/15

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Defending Hippotigris

You can’t tell a secret if you can’t remember it, but for Shara Batista her secret life draws her husband and best friend to a strange new world, where they are forced to protect their alien friends from the worst humans have to offer.   Release 12/29/13

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Scent of Treachery

Jayda Maldonado exiled herself from humanity, but even a distant space station isn’t far enough to escape the attention of a charming freighter captain and a conspiracy that can kill everyone aboard.          Release:  12/30/13

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